Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen

For a more enjoyable dining experience

We are especially excited and proud of our new kitchen - after all it is the heart of our operation and the source of all delights that make it to your table! The new kitchen area is much bigger than our previous kitchen and was designed with efficiency in mind using some of the most state-of-the-art kitchen systems available, all to enhance your dining experience!

Our spacious kitchen is separated into clearly defined work areas ensuring that all team members are able to work more efficiently and in safety at all times.

More freezer and fridge space enables better organization and the highest hygienic standards ensuring that only the freshest of ingredients are ever used. We also have an advanced climate regulation and monitoring system in place that allows us always know the exact temperatures at all times. We can even monitor our temperatures remotely when the restaurant is closed!

Our new ventilation system ensures that the cool in the summer and the heat in the winter remains in the dining area and is not pulled out through the kitchen with the smoke from the grill and steam from the hot tables. The air in the restaurant is always fresh, clean and recirculated without any drops or increases in air pressure or any extremes in hot or cold. Your comfort is always assured!

ALL of the water in the restaurant is filtered with our new advanced water filtration system which means that the water we cook with and pour into your glass is always crystal clear, refreshing and delicious!

We could go on and on about how good our kitchen is but ultimately the food, the service, and great times will keep you coming back!

Ask one of our managers to schedule a tour of the kitchen.